What is a document management system (DMS) versus enterprise content management (ECM)? While a DMS revolves around documents, ECM can do so much more.

  • Track contracts and their expiration so you never get caught by autorenewals again. M-Files can start alerting you weeks before the contract expires or autorenews.

  • Did you put that confidential document in the right place to keep it secure? M-Files runs on tags instead of locations. Simple tagging a document as HR for example can automatically set the right permissions.

  • Stop forcing the same way of working on all your staff. M-Files lets you customize access per practice group, per department, or even per user. Use the system in the way that is most efficient for you, not the way that is the most efficient for the system!

  • Powerful workflows for everything from new employee and client onboarding, to ensuring documents are properly reviewed and submitted.

  • Easily integrate with the existing applications you have and centralize data. M-Files can pull data from systems such as Salesforce, iManage, Dropbox, Juris and more.

Our team consists of some of the first M-Files North American partners and engineers.

It’s all coming together now and I’m delighted! So thank you so much for everything you have been doing, and your patience with me while pulling this all together 😊. I could not be happier with the level of commitment y’all continue to show us.
— Melody Beals, Document Control Specialist, Fluence/OSRAM