Just how effective is two/multifactor authentication?

A lot of people complain about two factor / multifactor authentication (“MFA”) because it takes too much time, is too hard, etc. They may ask “how much does it really help?” Google put together some statistics to show, and it should easily change anyone’s mind who is resistant to MFA.


The article can be found here: https://security.googleblog.com/2019/05/new-research-how-effective-is-basic.html

The key takeaways include that simply adding a text (SMS) code blocks 100% of automated attacks, and 99% of massive phishing (fake email) attacks. It even blocks 76% of targeted attacks (when a hacker is specifically attacking you and/or your company).

There is also a comparison showing how knowledge based security (the popular “additional security questions” that ask things such as your first grade teacher or mother’s maiden name) is quite ineffective compared to MFA.

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Dustin Bolander