What sets us apart? Nothing revolutionary - just being the best at what we do. We work harder, work smarter and more strategically than our competitors. We are the CEO’s trusted adviser, the CFO’s risk evaluator, the board’s technical expert. True, open communication on what is best for our clients and our company. Having the integrity to not just do the right thing, but push our coworkers and clients to make the best decisions they can, and make sure they have all the proper information to make those decisions.

Partner Track - Get a piece of the pie

Clear Guidance Partners was founded on a key principle - partner is right in the name. All of us have worked hard to make someone else successful, it was time to share the success. There is no Michael Dell here, it is a team effort. At CGP, we have setup the company similar to a law or accounting firm, in that after several years hard work, you are eligible to become a partner in the business. New partners are voted in by the existing partners, which includes profit sharing in the company’s bottom line, plus the growth and confidence that few careers can offer.

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Austin A-List 2019

Nominee for Austin’s Best Homegrown Companies


Working your way up and learning as you go

We’re strong believers in “start at the bottom, get to the top”. We make every effort to promote 100% internally. While we may need to fill a senior position with an outside person, historically (including at previous careers), our partners have heavily leaned on hiring entry level people and coaching them up. That means when that engineer or manager position opens up, you know it is yours for the taking.

We’ll also provide you all the education and training you can handle. Want that new Microsoft Cloud certification? Tell us what materials and classes you need, we’re buying. Eager to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS)? We can get you a development environment setup to start working in, and you will have a team to ask questions too. If you happen to get certified and leave, we’ll throw you a going away party and wish you good luck. No handcuffs here such as requiring repayment for a certification, whats yours is yours.

Things move quickly here

We’re a startup. We brought on 12 clients and half a million dollars in contracts during our first 45 days in business. So be ready to work hard, but at the same time you will learn faster than any other job. You are going to be working side by side with some of the smartest consultants and engineers in the industry, and have every opportunity to collaborate and learn from them. We try our best to offset the busy times as well. Crazy week but it’s a quiet Friday? Pat yourself on the back and let’s head home early.


We are always looking for people. Even if there are no open positions posted, reach out if you have what it takes. We always watch for resumes, and a partner will contact you for a meeting or lunch, in preparation for the next time we grow. Who knows, maybe you impress us so much we find a spot immediately?

No applications will be considered without a cover letter explaining how you can impact our company and clients, and an example of both great and poor customer service. Send applications to

Open Positions

Entry Level Helpdesk - No Experience Needed - $12/hr

No applications or communications from recruiters or placement agencies will be accepted.


We are still a startup but are adding benefits all the time!

  • Catered breakfast and lunch at least once a week. Large selection of company provided snacks and drinks.

  • Two weeks paid time off (PTO) plus one week paid sick time, 13 paid holidays

  • 100% paid individual health insurance