Document assembly and automation

At Clear Guidance Partners, we are big advocates of using best in class tools. What does this mean for your firm? Rather than using jack of all trades, master of none software, we advocate that firms use the most powerful options available.

Any practice that involves repeated use of the same forms or creation of similar documents can benefit from document assembly software. A few examples:

  • Family law

  • Immigration

  • Entity formation

Some document management systems (DMS) will have basic template options, such as inserting specific fields. The power of a true document assembly tool is the advanced logic, such as being able to use IF statements. For example, if your firm operates in multiple states, you can have language in a specific paragraph change based off what state the document is being drafted for (even all 50 if needed!) Simply select a drop-down, and the relevant language (even if its multiple changes/insertions throughout the document) is used.

The possibilities are endless. These tools also work great for other tasks at the firm such as HR, client intake paperwork, and anything else involving standardized forms and documents. There are multiple options available, two of the most popular are from Litera and AbacusNext.

Our legal practice group can help your firm with efficiencies such as this and more, contact us today for a discussion on how we can help.